13th Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery
September 10 - 13, 2023

Training minimally invasive valve surgery in the era of interventional valve therapies

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Learning Objectives

  • Minimally invasive access for valve surgery

  • Patient selection

  • Preoperative imaging

  • Mini-thoracotomy and partial sternotomy

  • Cannulation strategies

  • Repair techniques for mitral and tricuspid valve

  • 3D videoendoscopy

  • Prosthetic valve selection

  • Intraoperative echocardiography for surgeons

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Trouble shooting

  • Teaching minimally invasive valve surgery

  • Starting a minimally invasive valve program

  • Wire skills

  • Transcatheter interventions in aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves

  • Patient selection for interventional therapy

  • Role of the heart team

  • Wetlab training of minimally invasive mitral surgery

  • Wetlab interventional valve therapy in a porcine beating heart simulator

Course Format:

  • Live surgeries in 3D with demonstration of basic techniques as well as advanced tips and tricks

  • Minimally invasive step-by-step approach to mitral valve and aortic valve surgery

  • State of the art lectures on selected topics by the international faculty

  • Abstract presentations by delegates

  • Rising Stars Forum: Q & A

  • Wet-lab practice using MICS instruments and endoscopic techniques

  • Echocardiography for surgeons

  • Satellite symposia

FOCUS: Valve is intended as an educational program for minimally invasive valve surgery comprising 4 modules

Module 1
Annual Training Course at Innsbruck Medical University
Module 2
Hands-on WETLAB or intraoperative TEE training subsequent to the annual Training Course. Registration is limited to 14 participants in each workshop.
Module 3
Team visit to the OR of the University Hospital Innsbruck, Department of Heart Surgery
Surgeons, scrub nurses, anesthesists and perfusionists welcome!
Registration by personal communication with
Prof. Ludwig Müller
Module 4
Proctoring at your local hospital can be planned by personal arrangement.
Registration by personal communication with
Prof. Ludwig Müller