13th Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery

Training minimally invasive valve surgery in the era of interventional valve therapies

FOCUS: Valve 2023

September 10 - 13, 2023 - Innsbruck, AT

We are happy to announce the next Date for FOCUS: Valve - International Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery:

SEPTEMBER 10 - 13, 2023
LKI/ Universitätskliniken, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Further information cooming soon!

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Highlights 2022: Mitral valve prolapse and rheumatic diseases

- Echocardiography
- MICS techniques for aortic, mitral, tricuspid and atrial fibrillation

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OR live transmissions with the most advanced 3D – technology

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- MICS hands-on training with 3D imaging technology
- Aortic and mitral valve interventions in a porcine beating heart model

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