15th Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery

September 15 - 18, 2024

Valve Surgery under RE-CONSTRUCTION

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Focus Valve Live Cases 2023


Live case 1:

Endoscopic AVR
Learning objectives: Access, aortomy & valve exposure, valve implantation


Live case 2:

Mini-sternotomy AV-MV-surgery
Learning objectives: Partial sternotomy, cannulation, LA-access, MV exposure


Live case 3:

Endoscopic MVR for functional mitral regurgitation
Learning objectives: Access, camera placement, valve analysis, subvalcular repair techniques, assessment of tethering, repair vs replacement


Live case 4:

Endoscopic MVR (Complex mitral repair)
Learning objectives:remote cannulation, camera placement, valve analysis, repair strategy, triangular resection vs artificial chordae


Live case 5:

Mini-Sternotomy MVR-TVR for atrial functional MR/TR
Learning objectives: Acces MV, TV, valve exposure, repair strategy & technique


Live case 6:

Endoscopic concomitant MVR-Afib surgery
Learning objectives: Left atrial endocardial cryo-ablation lines, occlusion of the atrial appendage, mitral valve repair using premeasured loops


Live case 7:

Transaxillary direct vision MVR
Learning objectives: Indications, trasaxillary access, valve exposure


Live case 8:

Endoscopic MVR (functional prolapse with mitral annular disjunction)
Learning objectives: Surgeon's verification for functional prolapse, repair strategy, leaflet treatment, avoiding SAM