12th Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery

Training minimally invasive valve surgery in the era of interventional valve therapies



Live case 1

Minithoracotomy aortic valve replacement
Learning objectives: Right anterior minithoracotomy access, exposure, cannulation, prosthesis selection (Rapid deployment vs. standard valve)
Surgeons: S. Mahr, G. Laufer - AT

Live case 2

Partial sternotomy for AV replacement
Learning objectives: J-hemisternotomy approach, cannulation, valve exposure, prosthesis selection
Surgeons: C. Gollmann-Tepeköylü, M. Grimm - AT

Live case 3

Endoscopic repair of complex MV disease
Learning objectives: Learning from a master, skin incision, port placement valve exposure, repair strategy and technique
Surgeon: P. Perier - DE

Live case 4

Totally endoscopic repair of degenerative MR
Learning objectives: Team approach, cannulation, cardioplegia port placement, valve exposure, chordae loops, annuloplasty
Surgeons: D. Höfer, L. Müller - AT


Live case 5

Endoaortic occlusion for MIMVS
Learning objectives: Cannulation for intraaortic balloon occlusion, monitoring patient selection
Surgeon: F. van Praet - BE

Live case 6

MV surgery through hemisternotomy
Learning objectives: Hemisternotomy access to the mitral and tricuspid valves, MIMVS facilitations
Surgeons: J. Holfeld, M. Grimm - AT

Live case 7

MV repair and concomitant Afib surgery
Learning objectives: Access, energy sources, ablation lines, technique of LAA clip occlusion
Surgeon: K.-N. Doll - DE

Live case 8

Totally endoscopic MV repair with percutaneous cannulation
Learning objectives: Access, percutaneous cannulation, distal limb perfusion, selection of repair strategy
Surgeons: N. Bonaros, L. Müller - AT